This Coworking Space in QC Makes Remote Work More Fun

Submitted by workable_admin on Wed, 10/12/2022 - 18:04

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us something that remote workers have been practicing for a while now: You can work literally anywhere. All you need is your trusty laptop, a WiFi connection, and an electric socket. Chairs and tables are optional. You can work from the beach, from a cafe, or from your bed. But if you want a change of scenery that's a mix between professional and fun, you can check out at the Exxa and Zeta Towers in Bridgetowne, Quezon City.

The coworking space located in a 20-storey office building features Scandinavian-inspired interiors, tables for hotdesking, meeting rooms, office spaces for long-term booking, and a plenary hall for events. There's a common pantry for when you want to take a break, and a green-colored track on the floor for counting your steps.

As for the rates, hot desks start at P250; but, if you're looking for a more permanent desk while still maintaining that open plan, a dedicated table costs P550. Private offices start at P12,000 per desk, meeting rooms are at P350 per hour, and the events space is at P3,500 per hour.


(Source: 30, 2022)