The future of offices is collaboration and flexibility

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The evolving business landscape changed the way people view their work. Many employees are opting to work remotely while others prefer a hybrid system or flexible work arrangements.

One of the solutions employees and companies are utilizing now are flexible workspaces. These are establishments that offer space for businesses that don't have their own offices. This was popular among start-ups and entrepreneurs a couple of years ago but today, even big multinational companies make use of this innovative office solution.

The idea of coworking space can be traced back to 1995 in Berlin, Germany, when a group of computer enthusiasts worked together in one space. But the word “coworking” was coined by American game designer Bernard DeKoven in 1999 and the first coworking space was established in Austria in 2002.

Today, coworking spaces can be found everywhere, especially in major cities all over the world. In the Philippines, one of the highly flexible and innovative coworking space providers is The flexible office brand by Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC),, has two main centers, one in Cyberscape Gamma in Ortigas Center, Pasig City and the other in Exxa-Zeta Towers in Bridgetowne Destination Estate in Quezon City.



A coworking space is usually confined in one big room and is divided into different areas. In the case of, its services range from hot desks, dedicated desks, virtual offices, conference rooms, events space, pantry areas, private offices, and game rooms-- this is because places great value in creating social spaces that help form a sense of belonging and togetherness that will enable to grow your business forward. Of course, the design is more modern, open, and collaborative, which appeals to the modern-day workforce. Aside from the space, offers a Build to-Suit plan to clients - a one-stop-shop customized office fit-out. As a serviced office provider, can build whole offices based on the specifications of the client.

Their clients are able to save on fit-out costs because they don't need capital-intensive engagements with contractors. also has a competent roster of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and even their own IT support team that ensures that the IT configurations are well thought of and planned. provides a seamless and complete customer-centric experience. It carefully walks the clients through the design process. endeavors that every detail specified by the client is met - may it be the signages or even amenities like a gym, game room, and nap pods, or interesting features that showcase a client's brand identity.


Future of office design

Office setups have changed significantly over the past five years. Companies opt to provide and showcase office spaces that communicate their business identity, align with their values, and embody their ethos. The workplaces of today are more dynamic and the designs are geared towards the benefit of the employees. The better designed the space the better for workers.

“Clients require a non-traditional look. Because if you spend at least eight hours a day in an office, it shouldn't feel stiff, if it's cozy, you feel comfortable. That's the trend today because most of the talents are from a younger demographic who oftentimes prioritize all-around wellness, so it's their way of tackling this new normal and their way of attracting the talents they need,” team explains.

“It depends on the preference of the company or the businesses. Definitely there are countless amenities and features to attract talents and it's a matter of choosing the right combinations that resonate with their employees.

Aside from bigger pantries and game rooms, offices now even have rooms where employees can nap during their break time. The office furniture is more homey and modern and colors are used all over the space. Pantries look like high-end cafes and lounge areas look like hotel lobbies. can even build thematic offices based on the nature of their clients' business. For instance, they provided a car parts company with an automobile-themed conference table, that not just represents the company's very identity, but also impresses every employee or new visitor.

Their coworking spaces have attracted all sorts of workers and even students. College students looking for a quieter place to work in--coffee shops are too noisy after all--have found a place in

Create the perfect workspace environment that is client-centered, cost-effective, efficient, and highly-flexible. Connect with at 8888-able (2253), 09190717896, or at enablers [at] Visit to learn more and stay updated by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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