Robinsons Land’s introduces “Build-to-Suit” offices fit for modern-day workforce

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When it was launched in 2019, Robinsons Land Corporation’s has been continuously  innovating its efforts in improving the flexible workspace concept in the country. Recognizing that customer priorities and preferences have dramatically evolved over the last couple of years, now also offers a special service to help corporate clients navigate the better normal: bespoke Build-to-Suit spaces catering to their every need. 

Like many new, disruptive, and innovative business concepts,’s Build-to-Suit plan addressed the existing demands of the market in having customized, plug-and-play offices to  accommodate the modern-day workforce. With return to office on the horizon, has been receiving inquiries for office spaces that are custom-fit not only for the client’s business needs but to provide a conducive working environment for their employees as well. 

That’s exactly what customers get with’s Build-to-Suit plan: high quality corporate offices that can be moved into hassle-free, all designed and furnished to the client’s specifications, and at very reasonable rates. 

Why go the Build-to-Suit route instead of renting an office the usual way? Clients usually come sprawling with ideas, unsure if everything would materialize – with’s help, their visions can turn into reality. is a one-stop shop, the service fee includes security, IT support, building support, and amenities tailor fit for the business. Office fit-out is a breeze with since they have a complete roster of experts like architects, engineers, and interior designers that ensure that the customized office spaces are not only well designed but also built based on quality and safety standards. also ensures that tenants would be able to  maximize their office without sacrificing their personal space. The company prides itself in providing flexible services; clients may opt to add or omit existing inclusions or amenities to their liking. 

Because all spaces are housed in Robinsons Land-owned buildings, tenants have 24/7 access to technical teams and building engineers who can handle varied administrative or building management needs. 

Being a subsidiary under the real estate giant affords other perks, including an enviable range of locations where tenants can set up their Build-to-Suit offices. Apart from RLC’s office buildings found in major commercial and business districts across the country, Build-to-Suit offices are not limited to office buildings, these may also be set-up in Robinsons Malls and even  in hotels. 

As Robinsons Land owns its buildings, there is no risk or uncertainty over the future of its developments. Customers can rest assured that their lease agreements will be honored to the letter, and can be renewed with no hassles or impediments. With Robinsons Land and as their partner in their Build-to-Suit office, clients would surely enjoy the benefit of getting the best construction and design services that the industry can offer. 

Through RLC’s vast network and property inventory, can offer clients unparalleled  variety when it comes to office layouts and thoughtful design. So far, the company has been able  to successfully turn over office spaces located from the ground floor to the top floor, ranging from 300 to 2,000 square meters in size. The large floor plates in RLC buildings allow great flexibility, which is especially useful for tenants seeking column-free, open office layouts. In the event that the client would need additional space allocation for their business expansion, can easily provide areas and options from RLC’s diverse office portfolio.  

A visit to any office space will show that the offices aren’t just functional, they’re aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s the perfect example of form meeting function. can even inject elements of the tenant’s business into the office design – if  the client wishes, of course – the classic car-shaped meeting table provided to an automotive  distribution company being a great example. takes great pride in addressing customer needs. And in the company’s view, the real  customers are the tenant’s employees. Because today’s workforce had been exposed to working  from home during the pandemic, has taken steps to inject comfort, practicality, and  above all, a sense of fun into its offices, so that employees can enthusiastically look forward to coming to work and being productive each day. 

Knowing that many employees have been working at home by themselves during the pandemic, places great value in creating social spaces that help form a sense of belonging or  togetherness, for instance in the cozy lounge areas, vibrant pantries and eating areas, and other  communal spaces. To avoid the feeling of being cooped up, is bringing the outside in with cleverly placed plants and other greenery. Encouraging sustainable forms of commuting to  work, can provide bike racks and employee shower rooms in its designs.

Now that we’ve transitioned to the better normal, there’s definitely a better way to set up your  office — all thanks to 

Create the perfect workspace environment that is client-centered, cost-effective, efficient, and highly-flexible. Connect with at 8888-able (2253), 09190717896, or at enablers [at] Visit to learn more and stay updated by following them on Facebook and  Instagram.


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